Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 8th...

Lets see how this goes.

I finally got to go running last night, had been too sick yesterday to go during lunch which really stunk. There's an app for iPhones, which right now I have the iPhone 5, that's called Zombies, Run!, it's quite fun so far, but you've got to go running, not faking it and shaking it like you would a pedometer. It's tracked by GPS and follows your distance and speed.
Before going home to run, I caught a ride from the vo-tech to the main college campus with a classmate who happens to be a taxi driver. It was alot nicer than waiting for the bus to get here. I visited with an old friend of mine from back in 6th grade, I hadn't seen him since I was working at McDonalds(curse that place), and hadn't gotten to talk since we went to the local highschool Prom last spring. He talked about how his roommate was also named Andrew, and he was trying to make himself a new name. I wish him luck with that. It was nice listening to him, I told him about Ranger Rick who was my leader for HvZ(Humans Vs Zombies) and I was dating him. He got all jealous and red as his hair. Oh! I now remember why that came up, there's a movie coming out soon, Warm Bodies, and Andrew wanted to go, but he wouldn't go without a date. I apologized and said I was already taken. Poor guy. He walked with me all the way to the north side of campus to meed with Rick to go home.
When we got home after running errands, mom was feeding Ashley and her crew pancakes, eggs and bacon, I was surprised JR actually showed up, he has a knack of doing that sometimes.
Rick and I ran got 22 minutes aproxiamately before both collapsing, him from drainage in his throat casing issues breathing and I from my ribs acting up, again. I was really surprised my feet weren't bothering me for once, and those weren't the best shoes.
We came home after the run, visted with the kids, and ate our dinner. Once dinner was finished, we took down the Christmas tree, it was very dusty and I believe that is why I am sick this morning. We finished the evening off before bed by unpacking my things that my parents had brought back from Arizona that I could not take with me on the plane. It was nice to have my books and my personal hygeine things back.

Once that was all done, It was time for bed.... And the onslaught of the nightmares to begin. I do not like the nightmares. I curled up close to Rick, even though my parents don't like us sleeping together, I sleep slightly easier.

The morning came, and I couldn't get Rick to wake up in the other room, I don't remember when he left, but it took me ten minutes to shake him awake, quite literally has to shout his name to get him to wake up. I curled back up in my bed for a few more minutes, which was a bad idea, showered and went out the door. I thought I'd had everything, but looks like I forgot my books to return to the library, and my phone.. I hope today gets better.

I don't have a question yet, but I'm sure I'll come up with one soon enough.

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