Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rainy days above....

Yesterday finished off fairly uneventful. I finished up my cad classes for the afternoon flustered because of trying to get my instructor's attention for help. I laugh and think, hmmm they get mad at me for slacking off, but when I don't know what I'm doing and getting sideswiped for help makes it really hard to want to finish anything.
I'd gotten my phone back during luck, taking the tablet with me and setting up my netbook and working with watercolors, I think someone was watching over the seat. Funny highschoolers, so curious, but never ask what you're doing or why.

Also argued with a friend I thought was a friend, I asked for help for financial stuff, a way I could make money quickly without selling my soul to the devil, I was sent a Reddit link(Here), I replied how I didn't like Reddit, or forums because there is too much to go through for a straight answer that I just asked for. He told me I had a short attention span and needed to work on that. I got very angry with that response. It really sucks when you trusted someone who said they'd always be there and would help with anything you asked, and they turn around later on and just treat you like crap.
I went to someone else asking for help how to explain how to deal with that. Yah more interesting responses, was told I was practical, and he was a dreamer and it's not surprising we don't get all. Like when I was told I was being depressing for coming up with a problem everytime he came up with a solution. I just hate getting my hopes up on anything and getting run over and whatever I worked up to going to hell. Made me think though, I'm a practical artist? How does that work?
The second friend, Michael V., also was telling me how not to worry about making money, which is a fear of mine, to pay for Rick and I while he works on his PhD. I argued about how I was looking at a BFA in Graphic Design like my oldest sister who does really well, but I didn't enjoy digital art much. He says you don't have to do all digital with it, I disagreed, so that was another argument. Would the starving artist do any better? He says I need to get the balls to sell my own work, and assigned me a book to read, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. By this time I was in a bad enough mood and left the conversation saying I'd read it when I had time and went off to run errands.

The night class started last night, but it was raining, and my shirt was soaked by... yah I'll get to that another day. Quick change of clothes and off to catch a ride to the art center. Took me a while to find a card reader to get into the building. Something was wrong with the door to where you had to hit the handicap switch while swiping your card to even get in. Oh well, I got upstairs with ten minutes to spare. Talked with some classmates, I can't remember their names for the life of me, one was a sophomore in the architecture program with over 100 hours from other colleges thanks to the military. I wish I could do that and travel around for school. The two other girls who were talking were interior design majors. I felt silly sitting there with a damp low cut top. The hallway filled up quickly before the professor came in. She filled us in about what was expected of class, and said this was her first year assigning a book, and making a bundle package of supplies in the bookstore of the Union. Normally would have been $170 to buy everything seperate and the book would be $40ish, but with the bundle not including the book, it was down to $110. We finished class after 15 minutes. I'm excited to start drawing on Thursday for real, although I'm nervous my drawings aren't up to par.
The night continued for a bit by going to the local Hobby Lobby looking for supplies, that was $140, I was quite sad, so looks like I've got to find a way to earn some money again to pay of that and my housing deposit for the fall.
We went to a Japanese Ramen shop with another friend of ours, Trygve, and met an old friend of mine from grade school  I hadn't seen her since last summer at the anime convention. It was good to see her again. Rick and I split a bowl of Vietnamese Ramen. Curious how you have one country's food in another country's shop.
We came home and got stuff unloaded from the car, refixed my bag because some of the books were in there that were Rick's that he tried selling the other day and some of my materials I needed weren't in there yet. Oops.
Next morning Rick woke me up sweetly, got a nice hot shower and actually got out the door earlier than needed, much better than getting out late and having to hurry off to class.
CAD again, went back to getting frustrated with not being able to work out the dimensions right on Solidworks. It's very frustrating trying to get someone's attention to get help and getting walked past and the next person who asked for help gets it. I finally had to go up to his desk and practically drug him back to mine to show me where I was wrong. Well, I'd missed a step back in the early early part of the book to where the part wasn't fully defined. It made no sense for a good while. Oh well, I'll get there.
Lunch was uneventful, I was lucky enough to have a single can of Lasagna left in my desk, woo.... Yack. I have eaten too much of it and can't stand it anymore, but it was food and I didn't have breakfast, so can't argue.
I read the book Michael V assigned, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It's really good so far, I had to plug in my earbuds and ignore others around the SkyWalk because they were arguing politics and religion again. Oh how that frustrates the crap out of me listening to that on and on.
Time for afternoon class. Hope this goes better, then off to the bus. Maybe I'll reach the weight requirements at the Plasma clinic so I can make some money? Wouldn't that be nice. I need that $200 soon...

My question today... Is money really power?

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