Thursday, January 10, 2013

Where were we...

So I was able to catch a ride from Monty, I wouldn't exactly call him an ex, but he's still a good friend of mine. I call him Monty because he's from Vermont and loves Monty Python, and just too many Austins to keep up with. He's a sweet kid though. He was able to drop me off yesterday near the clinic, I got a bit turned around and completely missed the building. I believe it was because I was a bit ticked with him, and confused because he blew me a kiss as he drove away. He knows I'm taken by Rick. I walk inside a building that goes immediately up steps, I wonder what was below those? The receptionist says I'm too late to give blood as a new donor before they closed at 6, it was about 4 then. I filled out my paperwork quickly, and was tested for how my veins were for easy access, both arms were good, right was a tad bit better. I waited a few minutes, why I decided to sit in the corner still boggles me, I couldn't hear my name when they called it out. They took me into a small sound proof room for questioning and a picture, I got a $10 raincheck, I was looking at the nurse questioningly. She then got down to the questions. So apparently, because of my sinus infection, the medication wasn't a problem, like I'd been expecting, the problem was, I have low to moderate asthma with stress and allergies, and my doc is a quack and won't prescribe me one anymore. So I left there with low hopes, and walked away.
I walked what I thought was to campus, nearly got to the highway that cuts through town and looked around thinking, wait a minute, where am I? This isn't campus... I turn around and look to see I'd gone the wrong way. Quickening my pace I went back to campus, and hiked up to the Union to go to the bookstore to buy my supplies. I was happy to find out I could charge to my account and not be charged interest unless I wasn't a student. Woohoo!! Dropping my bags off at the front door, they had alot of traffic so I'd set my bags at the wrong door because it was an exit only, oops, oh well, would make it easy to pick up later. I went inside and found the 18x24" newsprint I needed, and a couple pencils, and a shading pencil I didn't think I had, found out later, I had that shading pencil, oh well. I took it up front and charged it to my bursar, was very happy to see that I was right, the bookstore was actually cheaper here than the local Hobby Lobby! That brightened my mood a good deal. The cashier was a nice older man who helped me wrap my paper in a large plastic bag so it wouldn't get ruined in the rain outside, which had gotten slowly stronger and colder with the wind.
I went upstairs and sat down, one of my friends Eric saw me as he was over to sit with some of the other  "Lawn Gnomes" at a table I hadn't noticed yet. My Lawn Gnome friends are a bunch of people who like to sit outside in front of the library on Library Lawn, alot like gnomes and joke around and tease people. It's an odd group, but still fun. I sat down with them and talked for a bit, Troy, who is now President of Urban Gaming Club(UGC for short) asked if I was in a drawing class and said how he could have given me his left over supplies from the last semester, I felt silly after buying what I needed. It was right then that I found out the pencils and erasers I'd bought I already had in my bag of many art supplies. Note to self, I need to check what I have at hand in personal supply before buying more. Ah nothing wrong with having more than needed I guess rather than scrambling to find it later.
Rick called and said he was going downstairs of the Union to eat, I noticed then I was hungry as well, I said my goodbyes to my friends and went downstairs. We had grilled chicken sandwiches from a little 50's diner in the Union. Much better than the last time I'd had it.
I might go for another one later tonight actually. Sorry, lost train of thought.
After that, we burned time upstairs where I was earlier, he had to print off a new syllabus, he was annoyed with how it worked with him using a Mac computer then, worrying that he wouldn't be able to access one afterwards, especially when he's not computer savvy. I argued, saying I had access to them, my mom had a MacBook, Trygve and Michael N. had them, he sighed and said he was happy to have me around to correct his errors. I just sat there laughing to myself.
We walked up to the northern end of campus, like I had with Andrew, to his Human Sexuality class, I wasn't enrolled in it, but I had nothing else to do and would actually enjoy getting to sit in and listen to this, so I became Rick's scribe for this class since he has ADHD, dyslexia, and dysgraphia(I'm still not sure how I keep up with him). It started off nice, his professor is a nice blonde lady. She started off with a game for the round tables, which would be from then on, be our families. We had to name slang terms for the male genitalia, the female genitalia(downstairs and upstairs), and the act of doing "it". Quite fun, we lost all three rounds, but I believe the other tables were googling. I didn't google, but I had my skype open, and my Yaoi friends were typing up a storm of sexual terms. It was a hoot to watch them naming stuff after I'd even left when the class continued. She then continued the rest of the three hour class by bringing up a video I'd refused to watch that had come up across Facebook for a reason. It was about a girl who had been gang raped by two football players who drug her to their house after she'd gotten sick on someone's carpet at an underage drinking party while someone's parents weren't home. That hit home for me and I believe I left marks in Rick's hands from getting so angry. When the lights came on after both videos, a news report from a big news station, and the one about the football player talking about how she was dead and didn't realize anything was happening, I saw many red eyes around the room, including the professor, I think she'd gone through a personal situation like this, and that's why she was teaching this class and specialized in it.
The class ended, we put our consent forms at the front since some of the videos we would be watching would most likely be porn related and have mature content. I couldn't help but laugh at this since it was a Human Sexuality class, and the main campus has issues with this class... Oi vey. I wondered after last night, speaking from personal experiences about the situation, how it'd better the communities and research, I thought for a moment, why am I not a Psych major...? Oh that's right, because I fear psychs, yet I'm dating one. Slightly ironic there.
We walked home in the thick drizzle along the main busy road on the edge of campus, I swore at people in large trucks, probably the stupid Frat guys, as they blared on their horns as they sped waaaaay too fast past us. We were walking back to the dorm's auxiliary parking lot to get the car and go pick up Michael N, I thought he was in bad shape because he sent me a message practically saying screw the world, and he had deleted his facebook, I'd noticed both of those during the HS class. I got really worried, and that video had me wound up to the point where I was pouncing from foot to foot with nerves.
We picked him and Marcus up from a bar, lucky buggers... They're of age they can drink. Oh how I miss England and being legal. Michael was in a much better mood that I'd been expecting, he warned us Marcus was drunker than willing to say, and was in a giddy mood, it was unnerving to me because I'd never seen him happy like this, particularly when he's always an A-Hole to me. We took them to Qdoba's, a local chain burrito place near campus, and watched them eat chicken and queso. Michael worked there, and had just had a bad breakup with his girlfriend, I believe he and the really sexy girl he worked with in the back went and got into some mischief, he came back with a smirk, and I asked, he said he was over his ex by 10:30 Tuesday night which was shocking..Ah lucky him. They were bragging about a friend of our's, Sam, who's a asparagus, getting a girl's phone number and Facebook within five minutes, and she happens to be the bartender, and they were to the point of nearly going and drawing schematics on cocktail napkins about new fire engines and tanks, because that's her major. I was happy for him, he doesn't have the best luck with lady friends.
They tried to invite us out to go drink at one of the apartments, but I said no since mum's still got an 11pm curfew over my head on weeknights, I can't wait to get out of here, how do you hold a curfew when someone's over 18? Ah oh well. We realized Michael's bag was in the back of our car, so we drove out to Marcus's and dropped it off. Michael texted us after and said that he was tired and wouldn't be going over after all. Cheeky thing. We went home and went to bed. I was a little late getting in the door because the roads were wet and slick... I didn't like that. Told mom we were home and crashed soon as we were upstairs.
This morning was rough, I don't remember hearing any alarms, mom yelled saying that she and dad were late going out the door to work, they have to drive an hour, I thank them for yelling this morning or Rick and I wouldn't have heard any alarms. I woke up Rick in the other room where he stays, most of the time, and shoved him into the shower, and curled back up in my bed for five more minutes. That didn't work out so well. I woke up at 7:20 and grabbed my clothes, brushed my teeth and grabbed a bandanna. I had cleaned up enough last night before bed to get by with it. I'm a lucky one who doesn't have a strong smell. Told Rick we could just eat at the vo-tech, I had found some cash in some clothes a couple days before from unpacking. That worked real well.
The roads were really slick, I didn't like the dirt road that we took last night as well, too easy to hydroplane in the mud from farmers grating the road flat. We got onto the main road and kept driving, I was getting nervous because I could feel the car sliding.
All of the sudden traffic started bogging up quickly, we had to pull off on the shoulder from cones. As we got closer we saw why... There was a head on collision between a Jeep and a white commercial van. There were casualties for sure. We saw more cars off in the ditch, I was worried. They were just putting up the tarp on the side of the vehicles as we drove by. We got going again and got to the vo-tech, ate our breakfast with some classmates, I said goodbye to Rick and I'd see him after his class. One of my classmates came into the classroom looking grim, I asked if he'd seen the wreck, he smiled when he saw me, and said he thought it was our vehicle that'd been in the wreck and that he'd seen the body bags as he went by. Our instructor came in and said he'd gotten a text from another classmate, after I'd texted several other people warning them of the wreck and the slick roads, saying that he'd seen the wreck and wanted to make sure everyone made it into class on time. They told how traffic had bogged up for a couple miles and that's why they were late.
The day went on, talked about contest, I believe I'm going to drop out of the Technical drafting contest, I suck at it, so what's the point, and it would allow someone else who wants to go to be allowed in instead. I have my leadership contest which is the bulletin board with someone downstairs in Digital Media instead.
Lunch was quiet, I read more of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.
I talked with Rick saying I needed to go to the Voodoo clinic at the college to get a doctor's appointment, some of my medication is messing up and making me sick, and I need the inhaler to be able to donate plasma. I'll end up charging more to my bursar... Great...
It's time for class again, some of the classmates are getting bored and playing with Lego toys. I find it funny, grown men playing with toy's from their childhood, or their kids childhoods.
Oh, and just found out one of my friend's shunt decided to completely screw him over, the spinal fluid was crushing his brain. He's on his way home now, I'll be happy to see him tomorrow and check on him

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