Friday, January 11, 2013

Hullo world...

So not much else happened yesterday after classes. Was able to go to the Voodoo clinic at the college finally. (Yay for new student ID and benefits of a big college) They got me all fixed up, a new inhaler and some other meds changed up. Hopefully they'll stop making me sick.
Went off to a pizza parlour and age a small pizza by myself. I was starving. No wonder I'm known as bones and only 110lbs soaking wet. Ha.
Evening came to the art class, went in there, and our assignment was to draw what was on the table in the center of the room, we were told to fill the page as much as possible and do this within an hour so she'll know where we are in the class and how to grade papers from there. I was all excited, chose what I wanted to draw and got to it. By the time 45 minutes was up, I had my stuff mostly laid out except a bit of a stick off to the left side of the cow skull, and I looked up and saw one of the other drawings a girl was doing across the room. My heart dropped, it was the goblet with the apple, grapes, and and cheese at the top of the table. It looked as though it was something that came off the cover of a drawing book. I looked at mine and felt seriously outclassed. The architecture guy was sitting behind me talking to the teacher, she said everyone came from different art backgrounds, some being half way through this class before and had to drop it, and others who had AP art classes in highschool. I thought back and said, crap, I haven't had any sort of art class in over eight years. The architecture guy looked at mine and said it was smart to pick a single area to draw out and work on. He did the entire table and most of it laid out and was working on shading when the time was called. I felt so silly being in there when I left. I was surprised with myself that I was able to use the entire sheet of 18x24 newsprint. Rick picked me up quickly because I'd seen Andrew coming downstairs from one of the other floors. I wasn't in the best mood to talk so I ran down to catch my ride. Oh we also found out that our teacher for this class has a heart/brain problem so they don't cooperate together well and she'll randomly pass out. Glad I know CPR...
We went back to the dorms, and got me some Monster Energy drinks and finished up the laundry. Note to self, take laundry home on weekends and dont use the dorm laundry rooms, they don't work real well... No wonder people ask when they come over if they can do laundry here. Thinking about charging slightly so I can keep a small business at home. Hmm, not a bad idea.
We took everything home, and driving back I noticed a car quickly turn around in front of us from one lane of traffic going north bound back to south bound, I told Rick to slow down fast because that was a state trooper. We watched the car tail someone for a good while in front of us. I was laughing and watching, because Rick said it wasn't a police car, the bar of tail lights weren't right. Soon after, bright red and blue lights appeared on top of the believe to be police car. I smack Rick on the head and said "Told you so!" Think that's the last time he'll doubt me naming out cars at night, and to think, I'm the blind one.
We went inside, and got ready for bed and crashed quickly. The night of nightmares were really bad. One of them was about Rick going missing in Europe after going on some sort of a business trip, and I was jumping through hoops trying to figure out where he was. I didn't like that at all.
We got up this morning, I was groggy and didn't want to get up, but he was the one who drug me out this time. Nice hot shower does wonders to wake someone up in the morning.
Class was boring all morning, helped a couple people with Solidworks and Photoshop CS5, seems like no one can focus today, I'm having a hard enough time putting this entry in this afternoon.
Lunch came and went. Worked on a new drawing, didn't even get to read, but working on a new Skygge drawing. It will look nice if I can finish it. I hope. Talked to a couple people online about how to work on anatomy... I still need help. **Does anyone else have any tips about how to draw anatomy proportionately?**
This afternoon hopefully will be nice and quiet. I need to go visit Jerry and see how his shunt is treating him, and go by the library to pick up some things for class.
Until tomorrow, I hope someone who reads this gets some bit of a laugh...

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