Saturday, January 12, 2013

Guten Abend...(or good evening for those who cannot speak German)...

Well we went to see Jerry after picking up Michael N., he looked like hell, pardon if that's a bit brash but he did. I felt bad with his head half shaven, Michael and Rick were joking around saying that they were going to build him a helmet to go over the shaved bits and a gear box in the back where they put the shunt into his head, and the glowing eye piece to make him into Arnold Schwarzenegger The Terminator. He explained the shunt keeps the spinal fluid out of his skull and redirects it elsewhere.
We took Michael back to my house, and cleaned up quickly like my parents asked before we were to go out to town. I ran upstairs to clean up so Dad wouldn't think the usptairs was like the Holiday Inn.. I don't want to get into anymore trouble than I'm in as it is not being home. All the sudden I heard Rick running upstairs and his car leaving. Apparently one of our friends, Sam, the one who got the bartender talking, his car got towed because of a law that came into play over Christmas Break, and none of the students found out. He didn't know his car had been towed, and it'd been there since Tuesday. Oops..
My sister, Ashley, and her boys came over the same time Mom and Dad. I started getting overwhelmed so I went upstairs with Rick to take a bed apart that was going to Ashley's house for her littlest son. We had it all taken apart and I asked Rick to go as her if the bed of her truck was wet. Rick got really angry when she said I was on crack and they weren't taking it. Well, whatever, we got it loaded up in the back of their truck, besides the mattress as Michael drove up.
We went inside as Ashley and her crew left, ate our dinner, which was Spaghetti, I was glad I remembered to remove the tomatoes from the salad, Michael's allergic to them, but how is he not allergic to the tomatoes in the sauce? Why does processing it remove what he's allergic to?
We left for town again to drop off Michael so he could get his truck and drove out to Price's place where we were going to a party.
Rick and I had a bit of a heart to heart about one of my old friends, the guy I was seeing over the summer, and if I'd ever get to be just friends again after all that happened. I wish I could. I miss playing video games after a night of getting smashed and a lazy Sunday reading Calvin and Hobbes and playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Rick says it'll never happen again, so I question now whether if I should bother giving him the present I'd had since his birthday last summer and had planned on giving him for his birthday instead. It was a collector's edition of Calvin and Hobbes. Should I still give it to him? Or Just give up?   (and let him have his false fantasy with that little witch who's ex sexually assaulted me while still dating her and she side swipes me and steals the guy while I'm in the process of trying to ask him out, more than a friends with benefits situation)
We went a ways out of town to go to Price's, and dried wet eyes, at least I've a sweethearted guy who can hold emotions when needed and show them when also needed. He had a butterscotch drink and some honey whiskey in it, I was sad I couldn't drink, but it was a good thing since I needed to be the designated driver.
Many card games were played including Resistance, which is too hard to explain right here, so I'll include a link Here to explain it. I got a little bit angry with some friends who were the spies, Marcus and Michael, that tried to play Rick and I against eachother. The bonfire was roaring outside, so we went out there after a couple rounds of that game. Sat out there talking and flirting and chatting with friends, asking how the first week back in class was. Then everyone moved in and out of the house.
We have a small game we have in our group called Get Down Mr President, where the last person to put their hand up to their ear, like it's a throat mic the secret service wears, is the President, and they tackle him to protect him from what's coming. Kind of like a big game of tag. Well, Price was the president this time, took off running outside and up a cedar tree, bunch of people had the tree circled, and then started leaving to get more drinks or, like Rick, get a medical kit. Price took the chance and took off running out the other side of the tree. Luckily I was wearing a jacket and long jeans and boots and took off after him into the woods, I pulled out my phone and turned on a flashlight app and chased after him. I really need to get back to running again, it didn't take long for me to start struggling to breathe, Price kept going deeper and deeper into the woods because I was on his tail. Finally we're in a creek bed, he says I won't be able to catch him, as I'm struggling to get my breathing, I step a bit closer like I'm trying to catch my footing and pounce him as he pounces me at the same time and shoves me to the ground and covers my hand with my light on up. Told him if he wanted to get past the rest of the people, at the top of the hill, at the edge of the woods, that he'd better lock my phone to turn off the light, he said no, and told me to slow my breathing, I yelled for Rick about the same time, and he shoved his hand over my mouth. He let go immediately, I think the thought of how he owed me after getting into that really really bad situation over the summer with someone untrustworthy got a hold me. He asked if I'd let go of him because we were in an awkward position, I hadn't even thought much of it and laughed to myself he felt weird, and he was several years older than I was. It was a very interesting positions, he had me pinned to the ground, and my legs were wrapped up around his upper back. He let me go and I got up, and he said I should go back, about then is when I hears everyone yelling my name and see flashlights over head. I yelled I was fine and started stumbling up the hill. I saw Price behind me lying back on the ground and watching. Michael and Rick were at the top with lights and clubs thinking I'd been attacked by an animal. I had fun trying to get through the thorns that were blockading me in the woods.. Ended up tearing up my jacket, which made me really sad. Price finally came out about 10 minutes later, a few people almost came across him, I called off one drunk person who was hauling butt to go tackle him, and told him we'd made a deal. Price came out with all sorts of cuts all over his shoulders from wearing a sleeveless shirt while running through the woods. Rick patched him up, and we all went back to drinking and having a good time, Price was bragging around about how he is undefeated. I just chuckle and listen, I'm glad I kept up, that's the most fun challenge I've had in a really long time.
We left Price's around 1am, and went to Qdoba, had some hangover food. Rick and I headed home to make curfew and went up to bed after talking about the evening and stuff that was said and played.
We got up this morning and I felt like hell, Rick climbed up in bed with me cuddling me and trying to wake me up and make me feel better. We got up long enough to help put the tree and other boxes of decorations away in the attic, and ate breakfast, to go back up to bed.
I woke up long enough to watch Downton Abbey Season 3 episodes 1 and 2, oh I liked it and felt so bad for some of the characters for the situations going on. I'll refrain my best from giving away spoilers. Tomorrow the new episode comes out, and I can't wait.
Dinner was biscuits and gravy, and Ashley's kids were over to help today, they just barely left after eating with us. I'm sitting here tapping away at my entry for the day, and listening to stories about how mom and dad met at a military ball and the wild things that happened I'd never heard before.
Talking about the military balls, I had the brilliant idea about getting my gown's out again. The big fluffy ball gown, that made me look like a fairy princess, Rick didn't like at much. The evening gown with the heels, he absolutely loved, and was trying to refrain from putting his arms around me.
I think I'm off to bed for the night. Lets hope tomorrow morning goes better and I'm back on my feet.

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