Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lets have a quick update huh?

So in my world, Wednesday was Ash Wednesday and Ashley's Birthday, Human Sexuality took priority, Sorry Ashley. And worked a deal with Frickles to go part time with no repercussions. Yahoo!

Thursday, Valentines day, Well I never got to go to sleep until 2, because Rick and I were talking real late, talked about why I can't fool around much with him anymore. I'm having way too many flashbacks. Particularly at night and it messes with me, seeing other faces than his, I even showed him Jay's box of memories. Rick had class so I helped with the hugging booth and got a carnation from a random guy, as did the other girls, but I was the special one, Just kidding. Class was quick, went off to OSU and went to art class. She allowed us to go early, I stayed and worked on the self portrait. It's coming along nicely. We went home after that and went to sleep. Ahhh Fridays are nice to sleep in on.

Friday - Rick had a Quiz, but didn't have class early, so we slept in, saw my parents off, and went to our quiz/class. I did rush home at lunch to get Ms Wix and Mr Whisker's costumes because there was a run tonight, and the best costumes would win. We lost to a Mario and Peach, Sarah won with a BatWoman in her underwear. It was very sexy, even I'll agree. We were at the end of the line for the run because Rick started coughing up stuff, and I was having the damn dreamlike states again. Oh, snakeface showed up, he wore a santa hat on his cock... and pretty much nothing else. It was very hard not to take the pins holding it on and stab them in.... Yah, I'm having alot of issues dealing with anger lately.

It's Naked Saturday, The family wont be home until tomorrow late evening, so I'll enjoy this while I can.
*runs off naked and cackling* Seee Yoou Laaaater!

(Oh! and forgot to say, yesterday a meteor exploded mid air in Russia!)

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