Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I guess I'm just not in the mood to write lately. Being sick with that nasty stomach bug that's going around and has the med clinic at wits end, and my busy schedule, its just too much trouble to keep up with sadly.

Uhh the weekend was good. Rick and I went for a date Saturday to spend Valentines together since I've got class on the 14th. We went and had lunch at Schlotzkies, and went around Stillwater to antique shops. Founds some neat ghosts in there, some spooky as well. Went to have dinner at Chili's, and went to James's birthday, I wasn't happy because they were getting high, and dad's job flashed through my mind. We went and watched James Bond's Skyfall at the union theatre after that and went home. Oh, I also got Rick Spirited Away for Valentines.
Sunday was good, I forgot it was Andi's birthday, so we went out to town again to visit her, She pounced me when we got there. We took her to Sonic, and visited with the Gnomes. Yes I got suckered back into the damn group. Oh well, just have to put up with it for now. After that we went to play Groundies. I sat on the side and talked with Kate and Michael N, apparently he got a good case of the redass and "grewup". I dont quite believe that but whatever. I started getting really sick that night, dry heaving, and gagging, nothing was coming up. Rick and I discussed about how the Noro virus was going around, main campus and Tech.
Next morning, I woke up feeling like hell. I'd been doing more dry heaving that night. Not fun. So we slept in until 10:30. Dad seemed surprised to see us still home, and Rick in my bed. Whoopee....
We went to town, he tucked me in his bed, and went off to his class, I got a doc's appointment at 3:15. We went to that after he got out, they were busy. The doc I was suppose to see was really behind, so they sent another doc in, she was nice, kinda funny, but serious as well. Which was really interesting in the end. She said I was most likely trying to contract that stupid stomach bug, the Noro Virus.. Lovely. I was a few minutes late to my psych appointment, he worked with me on goal planning. I guess I'm a little better off than I was expecting. He said to stop getting so anxious over things because it was just making it worse. He't not sure what to say about the "shadows" now, I did my best to explain they're just ghosts with unfinished business.
We went to CVS after that, they couldn't fill one prescription, hauled butt to my dinky town and they could fill it.
Went home, watched Spirited away and Batman, and slept...Rick actually went back to his room because he felt like they were going to check over the night. I could care less.
He went off to his classes, I stayed home. I've done a few odds and ends things today, mostly just enjoying the bit of time off I get. Played Sims 3, which I haven't done in ages, got a commission from Angie, which brings my art project totals for people up to 6 due by the end of the month at the latest. I need to go upstairs and work on my drawing for art class since I'll miss the class over it tonight. Oh did I mention it's snowing? It's stopped for now, but it's really nice. Hope more comes soon. Funny listening to friends complain about how there is no snow at the college, told them to drive south not far and there is a good dusting. There is suppose to be more tonight, I hope.

Alright, back to bed I go. Maybe I'll crochet on the blankets hmm?

Oh, little tid bit I found today
Really neat photos. may be something to enjoy

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