Friday, February 8, 2013

Alright, lets see where this takes us...

So tuesday night's class was frustrating, we went back to bottles and cups, but adding books in, so we had to do a complete flowing rough sketch of everything laid out proportionality within five minutes, then had twenty minutes to fine touch the lines but had to keep the hands moving and never stop. My head was throbbing and I was in a crappy mood. Finished class, Rick said it looked wonderful but I felt like it was one of the least good pieces I'd had yet. We went home... We're not staying in town this week since mom's home alone.
I got home and talked to mom, she's concerned how I'm doing, and that I'll break down and completely snap. Uhhh that's happened already hasn't it? She's wondering if I need to drop everything and visit with a counselor for a few months every day and get things fixed. She doesn't want me ending up like Jason.
Wednesday morning came, ugh. I have such a migraine. I forgot to grab the medication, and CVS doesn't have it in yet. Mom didn't get to pick it up later either. I went to my appointment, sadly I can't remember much of it at the moment, we talked alot about whether I should quit meridian, or stay in. He said it wouldn't hurt me either way. More time and possible job, or staying in a field I hate and can't stay awake for and finishing a degree.
I stayed with Rick all morning, went and got a pizza pocket to eat later at lunch, he had to study for a test. I went back to class and ate my pizza pocket, and had a good argument with snakeface how to stay awake in class, how I wasn't with the social group anymore. So fine, I'm back in the stupid chat, doubt i'll make events if I can't get some rest with my current schedule.
We went to the dorms after class, I tried very hard to hold stuff back but I broke down a bit. It wasn't fun. I did my best not to get angry with Rick but he wasn't exactly helping. At least Snakeface explained how and why I was getting angry, I know Rick's right he isn't a specialized therapist, but at least what he says makes some sort of sense.
We went to class, my migraine was killer. Guess what, I got to sit by an open scanner all class scanning people's handprints, so that was absolutely bloody wonderful. It was an interesting class talking about 2D and 4D ratio.
Went home after that, talked to mom, and went to bed. My cycle was hurting bad and causing alot of issues.
Thursday came and went, It was a weird day. The headache was there all day, I didn't make to my night classes and wasn't feeling well, so we went home. I slept, played a bit of Minecraft, watched Downton with Mum and Rick. Off to bed we went. It's nice having Dad gone and being able to curl up with Rick all night long. It's a bit soothing.
Friday came, went to Tech, had our breakfast. Rick left to go study for his quiz and finish his draft. I went to class, talked to Digital Media's second class to talk about the board. Yah, I'm not happy... She wants us to copy off of someone else's board idea and change up a few things. I'm completely against that, yah it's a cool idea, but no! I do NOT want to plagiarizer...
Well... This is lunch, I think I'll post this and just play some minecraft.

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