Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Howdy, Howdy....

Hmmm so lets start with Monday, because not much else happened Sunday night due to the weird headache coming back. I don't like feeling that weird sensation where five minutes feels like several hours.
It did it again Yeserday, Monday, morning, also made me feel sick to my stomach, but Rick was feeling the same. Both of us came very close to getting sick on the way to Tech to eat breakfast. We got here and ate our stuff, it helped slightly, and I went off to class. I only sat through the morning, I couldn't stay focused on anything, so I turned on the Superbowl commercials from the night before and left them running until it was time for Lunch. Rick got me, and we went to Oreganos, he still wasn't feeling well, so we shared a small pizza. Alfredo Delight. It wasn't too greasy or spicy so that didn't upset his stomach more.
He went with me to the doc's office, I tried explaining to the receptionist what was wrong, I think she just put me down as head pain.
The nurse saw me in, and the standard routine went along just fine. She was nice and turned off the over head light and left only the desk light on to help my eyes, I kept my wrap with me and wrapped my eyes to try to shut out the light. It felt like forever before someone came back. The nurse moved me to a different room, and turned off the large lights. The doctor came in soon after, had me get up on the observation bed and started asking me questions as he started looking me over. He checked my glands and asked if only half my head hurt, and what food and drinks were my trigger factors, Oops. I hadn't kept a record of this. Well apparently chocolate, and caffeine, and MSG's... *sigh* Well there goes a lot of cheap things that I can eat/drink. I'll post on here later what the sheets he gave me, what they say and all the good details. Fun thing I learned, I'm only missing one small but crucial details as to which of the two migraines I have that fix things, I need to see auras before the migraine hits, but if I do, I'm in trouble, the medication I take for the monthly cycles raises my chances for a stroke. Great.
Rick was impatient because his class was in 20 minutes by the time I came out. He dropped me off at the dorm, and I went up to sleep off the migraine for a bit. Ahhh three hour nap was nice. He came back and we went home after a quick stop by CVS to get my medication picked up.
Home again, home again, surprisingly Mum was home before us, she had to go in to work on her day off anyways because of a meeting with one of her people she looked after. I'm not sure what happened with that, she didn't say. We watched a few episodes of Downton Abbey, season 2, and finished them, so now she is about to catch up with us. At least we'll have company and a reason to watch past episode 4.
Did a little studying and was able to fool around with Rick again. YAY! It felt good to be able to relax and let things go for a bit. Wasn't able to get off much, but it was something.
Morning came, neither of us wanted to get up but we did anyways.
Went to Tech after having the last of my medication for the migraines, happy the swelling is down and no more pain, for now. Had a usual quick breakfast and went off to class. Usual pippy dippy self. I'm hating not being able to drink caffeine.. It's really putting a damper on my day. I'm thinking tomorrow is going to be hell.  Three nights of night classes along with the day time crap, and I'm going to be beat.

How long do you think I can hold off without a Dr Pepper? Or eating healthy, when I can't exactly afford to as it is? Are there any good tips out there for ways to beat off not being able to drink sodas, eat easy cheap foods with high MSGs, and no chocolate(THE HORROR!)?

Oh, and a side note... Mum needs to shut up about crap she wasn't there for. She is contradicting the doctor and saying she doesn't think the stroke is a big deal for my migraines and how its just anxiety induced...

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