Sunday, February 24, 2013


So what.... I haven't written. I haven't had time. Although idk where the fuck it's going. Not like I'm that busy. I've half days and three night classes. That's it. Where the hell is the rest of my time. Not like I'm out socializing. Not like I'm drawing or being creative... I guess I burned myself out again on that. Whoopee..... Fucking wonderful.
Yah, went to the bloody Vagina Monologue for rick's damn class. Huge snow storm coming in so goodluck finishing this damn project for Wednesday night. I'm not going to finish the commissions so might as well pay Angie back, and cancel on Sam.
Tomorrow's the psych, great. Get to re live last week's session.... Oh well, if I don't I'm just avoiding it. Just like everything else. Just like victimizing.
People who are cutters are lucky. At least they have a way to vent. I've got nothing.
And yes, sex is back down the drain. Rick talked me into it, yah, made like a good time but my mood sunk again after. It doesn't do shit... Oh well.
Fuck the world. Let it go silent. I want it all to go far the fuck away. And leave me the hell alone

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