Wednesday, February 27, 2013

*Tap tap tap*

Why are guys such pussies? Seriously? I'm a bit fed up with Rick right now, he's got a headache in the back of his head and neck, something I deal with alot, and he wants to come lay down... He left his laptop at my house last night as well, so I can't go to a meeting I've put off for over a week just so he can use me and my laptop to create the references for the Human Sexuality board I JUST finished back in CAD...
I'm really thinking about banishing him from my house for a while so I can actually do some of my stuff, and get some of my own time in and visit with my friends... Like last night, his buddies are always nagging him to go visit, he's the lucky bastard who actually has a car and isn't obligated anywhere. I told him to go, thinking that he had finished cleaning up the movies down stairs. NOPE, I was wrong, and got the redass for it.. Thanks..
I sound selfish, I know, but I'd like to get to do some stuff on my time, I want to go to town and hang out with my friends, completely blow off homework, chores, and family obligations. I want to get my homework done without having to do someone else's bloody project when they aren't freaking paying me or anything.... I want to do some stuff on my time, go where I want to go without having to go without a bloody body guard constantly.. Nope. Ive got chorse, I've got family, Ive got work to do that's stacking up higher and higher and higher, I don't have a freaking car that works, and with the "snowstorm" that just came in and my parents taking the truck, I'm really fucked... oh yah, that storms? 2".... That was it. At least I got two days off of class, didn't help....
I'm getting very angry and frustrated, I've dropped my morning CAD classes... but where the hell is the rest of my time going? I'm getting to sleep in maybe an hour more than I was, but staying up later working on crap... What the hell is wrong with this picture?

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