Friday, January 25, 2013

Good Morning World!!

I know, that sounds like two very bad things for me to say... First off, I usually HATE mornings, second, I'm in a good mood? Least of all, I'm actually writing this in true morning instead of the afternoon? Think something has gone terribly wrong in my head. Ah oh well, lets see how today plays out then?
Thank god it's Friday. That's something I love about three day weekends, it's not the three day weekend itself and getting an extra day off, it's the short week that comes with it.

So Tuesday night was a bit frustrating, I actually don't remember it much after I posted here to the night class. Odd? Think I might have blocked it out. The night class was frustrating as hell, for some reason I couldn't get it through my thick skull when Ms Michelle would explain that something was off about my drawings and it didn't make sense until Thursday(Last night). I'll get back to that in a minute. It was a two day drawing so we were told it'd be up all week and weekend and we could come in at any time to work on it if we liked. I was happy to hear that. It's nice actually being treated like a responsible adult rather than the Vo-tech which will not allow us to be in a classroom without an instructor. I wonder what their theory is behind all of that still? I left class pissed off and flustered, we just went back to the dorm and went to bed. I was in no mood what so ever for anything nice that night.
Rick woke me up all nice in my favourite way Wednesday morning, ahhhh that felt really really good. Why is it starting off a day with love leads into something good? Hmm interesting thought to think on? Sophomore tours were going that morning, one girl didn't want to be in CAD at all, so everyone was just pissed off why she was wasting our time in the first place. She wanted digital media and her mind was made up, she wouldn't talk or try in anyway to be in a good mood or supportive of the class. I don't remember the second tour. That afternoon, I drew the entire time, working on Mr Grim, that was alot of fun. I think Monty about crapped his pants when I sent him the step by step drawings I'd done with it. With that I left class in a good mood.
I don't remember what we did for dinner, but I remember going to Human Sexuality with a headache. Going through that class was very interesting, learned something about the Army I hadn't thought of being born into the officer's rankings. That will hopefully be the only time Rick or anyone will see me go red in the face on the subject of sex, involving the military just made me very bashful. I'll never think of delivering news papers and the wondering thoughts of "Huh, I wonder why there are so many brooms out?" right again... Oh, bit of a new kinky thought, getting into mischief in the tailpipe of a fighter plane? Hmm, sounds like fun....
After that, I asked Rick if we could go for ice-cream before going to visit Michael N's place to hang out, little did I know that they would talk us into playing a game.. I'm glad we went to get ice-cream first, they close as 11. I had a Mint Chocolate Chip shake, and Rick had Rocky Road shake. It was delicious.
We showed up to Michael's and Marcus had already gone through one full bottle of wine, and Bryan had been at it too.
Had a shot of Irish Creme, yum, it reminded me of Uncle Jerry paying the bar waitress under the table for a couple cups of coffee and to sneak in some Irish Creme and a couple bottles more of wine, was it 3-4 bottles between him and the other retired general that night at the ball? I just remember Dad having the worst look on his face when they kept trying to refill his glass. Ahh good time.
So we played a game of Munchkin between 10:15 to 12:30, I wanted to kill half the people in that room because my head was splitting and I was getting sick, but oh well, it was fun watching drunks try to mimic accents and play pirate/navy/merchant. I didn't understand the game, and I knew Rick needed time with some of his other friends, so I tried to mess with the game best I could. Michael read through the conversation with Snakeface... Michael was mad at both of us, both for being defeatists, and for continuing this bickering nonsense. Another reason why I kept delaying the game.
We went home, Nugget, a friend of mine, wouldn't quit buzzing my skype, Rick finally got on and said "If you wake me up again, your *insert your word here* is pig feed", soon as he wrote that I realized he was getting really sick, he'll get annoyed with people but not that bad.
Next morning got another really really good wakeup, showered for the day, and got to Tech early for breakfast again. By this time, I was really missing my own bed after two nights of not sleeping real well, either too hot or too cold, and that bed isn't that great in the dorms. I think I'll bring my own stuff when I come in. I hope. *Note to self, explain later on my thoughts for a dorm room* I have to say, I don't like walking to a car, or to class, or to the bus, with wet hair, and no product, my hair is too fuzzy to keep up with without it. Rick's decided he likes coming to Tech for breakfast, cheap and filling. Better than the house, or eating at the dorm meal center, although his bursar pays. It's good to have good cheap food though, even if that means waking up a bit earlier. Hey, I'm also remembering my meds on time! Woohoo! Still having issues with the sinus infection, and I've been through the week of steroids and almost finished the rest of the bottle for cleaning it up, same meds as back in December *explain later down what happens if this doesn't clear up*
It was the end of sophomore tours that day, the first group, we only had a couple people, one girl was really interested in 3D animation and drawings, she was sent to me and we played on the tablet in the back of the class with Photoshop and Mudbox, it was fun. She drew up the linework for Grim really quickly, and gave me a couple tips for working on drawing of my own. Nice girl, think she was from Guthrie, she'll most likely go to Digital Media. The second group, it was a very full one, I was assigned a kid, not sure where he was from, but he looked like he belonged in the 90's rather than today in 2013. He wanted to get into Law-enforcement so not sure what exactly he can do here at Meridian, but it was neat, he had fun playing on solidworks and designing all sorts of gears and cups and whatnot in a short amount of time. Hopefully he'll come back.
Lunch was quiet, Rick came and sat with me, I filled out some paperwork I'd forgotten I need for my appointment next week, oops, and did some reading for class.
By the time afternoon class had come around, I was on my second Dr Pepper, and the caffeine finally hit around 2pm-ish? I was bouncing off walls. It was fun. I drew some eyes, which I'll have to tag on here later. I also worked on a piece for Eden *Also need to explain later* The funny thing about the eyes, which turned out really pretty nice, if you walked away from them, and looked back, it looked like they could still follow your footsteps and watch where you were walking. Creepy Eyes.. Silly, I know. Eyes don't creep and crawl, do they? A question for years to come...
Rick was out of class early, so he was asleep outside in the car, or so I thought, he felt like he was in a glass box so he couldn't sleep right, I said, think how it feels in CAD and being the hamster with how the windows are aligned. A computer lab, which seems to be underground, and two stories next to it, with windows looking into the class, and a dark windowless hall below it. Yah, I feel like some sort of test subject. It's creepy some days. Especially when tours of other Tech Centers come to visit.
We went off to lunch at Oregano's, a pizza parlour on the main campus, yum. I had an Alfredo pizza, and his sinuses were messed up so a hot pepperoni for him. Went back to the dorms, and had a nice nap before the night time drawing class.
Soon as I got into class, I started laughing, what she said was to be the two day drawing, ended up being a single day drawing to go in the portfolio. Why? Because another class had moved the table and rearranged everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Still same objects, but the table was rotated and all of the stuff was in different little spots, including a second table set up in the back. I think I saw a few panicked faces as people came in for class. Rick was going to come in later and sit in the hall if I was staying late, but he didn't have an ID to get into the building, and couldn't think straight enough to figure it out by text. He paid me back later for texting in class. The drawings made so much more sense, Ms Michelle finally explained that when looking at ellipses, since looking at circles at an angle changes them slightly, if you look straight down on them, they look round, right? When you look at them as they go further back or further up, the minor axis,  the short stubby part of the circle, becomes smaller, and the major axis seems longer. It made so much sense when she explained that. I was able to get so much more of the drawing done this day than on Tuesday. I felt oddly happy. Rick explained why later. The drawing was in good shape, we got out of class a little bit early, I feel bad leaving early and not getting to work on the drawings afterwards, so I put a plan together to make up some sort of a mismatch studio at home to work on. I'll work on getting the construction lamps from dad in the attic to get better lighting than the overhead ceiling fan which is too soft and not arranged right.
We went home after that, I was ready to get back to my things, and I'd realized Tuesday morning that I'd left my tablet at home at my desktop, so no wonder lunch was so long! I stayed up for a while, drawing with the blocks Mum had picked up on Tuesday after her talkie-lady appointment. They're good sturdy little blocks, even if they are foam, so it should be good enough for me to practice on. My painting easel comes in handy after all, putting my drawing board up, and getting dad's clamps from the big toolbox. Set up shop and worked on a couple of scenes with lines and no curves and the second set of blocks added. I listened to some Skrillex, and some other stuff, had a nice little discussion with Rick about Britney Spears and how I'd found a new song by her and Will.I.Am. It's not bad, but it has a good rhythm. I can draw to that.
Finishing up the drawings, packed my bag for the next day(still forgot food) and tucked him in bed and read another chapter of The Dragon's Apprentice. I forgot how much I enjoyed these books. Oh, and how Rick made for the good night in class? So bit of a long story, but you know how everyone has a guardian angel? I've got a few of them from luck I get into, and mine happens to be the Grim Reaper, hint hint for the drawing, and he was watching a Monty Python last night, The Meaning of Life, and Grim has a very sarcastic dark sense of humour and enjoyed it, which influenced me to do really well. Interesting theory huh?
The alarms came, sent Rick to his room, and slept for the rest of the night in mine, he's not feeling well at all. Poor guy. Alarms came again, tried getting him up, I was wide awake and happy, I should never be this happy first thing in the morning, especially that early.
Class has been quiet so far after coming in early for breakfast, one of the administrators caught me give a goodbye kiss to Rick as he was walking out the door, apparently Frick was caught behind a slow tractor coming from out of town again to class, so they sent her down, she asked what that was about, I explained that was my boyfriend who was a psychology major at OSU, she actually smiled and looked surprised. Think she knows a little bit too much about my past and I don't like that, but I'm glad she's actually happy with something I've done since she's not been one of my biggest fans here at Tech for three years.
Otherwise class is nice and quiet, I'm just glad I'm in a bit of a better mood. I hope it's my doing as much as it is Grim's, still good to get out of the dark mood.
Lets see what else the day has for me hmm?

Until tomorrow, or well, whenever I remember to get on here!


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