Friday, January 25, 2013

Two things to say from the last post... Things I was suppose to explain.

Eden and Dorm room, oh, and the sinus shite.. Forgot that one for a second there as well

So I'll start easy with the Dorm room. Hopefully Rick will be around for a while, and we both plan on staying in the same Dorm building come fall or later on, depends on things, and his dorm is within my price range, and not too moldy for me to get too terribly sick from, and still have the amount I need from the GI Bills for mandatory meal plan. Stupid as it is, but okay.
Depending on the room I get, and what floor, and where in the building, alot of variables, I know, I think I'll use the old metal bunkbed we had in my room for the past several years that got moved out last fall. That will add in storage for the top bunk, tubs and things, like clothes, and a better mattress and bedding than they have in there now. I don't care for the beds in there now, who knows whats been on that thing or where that thing has been, right? If I stay in the BFA I'm thinking, with Studio Art, I'll want my easel, and I'm thinking if that works right, I'll be good there, I want to get bookshelves out, and set up like a mini Library in there, I miss my old books, and it Gives off a pleasant friendly scent having books around you. The bunkbed also has a futon on the bottom, so I can make that into a couch. I'll sleep in Rick's room, so mom can't turn up her nose when she visits, so that's two things knocked out quickly. I think I'll be set if I can do that right.

Now, if someone's wondering what is Eden/EdY, fully known as Eden-de-Ys,  to some friends and I on the dA(DeviantArt) community. It's an art/roleplaying group that is about an island of exotic animals(and some common), they sell sex, I know, little harsh, and some characters, like mine, haven't been into that mess yet, so just being friendly and companion-ism. The catch though, it's an island of only guys, so no pregnancy and all that good stuff, sadly. Based off of Yaoi Manga, which is Boy's Love, guy-on-guy. I find it really interesting actually, but then I'm a bit of a mixed sexual orientation as it is.
I have my lovely black panther, called Skygge. He's a good guy, very shy, but a lovey thing, based him off of a friend I had at one time, but that went a bit out the window. I need to redo his drawing since I've got access to digital art now. Maybe I'll work on that today?

And finally, the sinus infection, I don't remember if I've gone over this or not, but apparently there is such a thing as chronic sinus infections, meaning that the nasal cavities were not formed correctly, and leads to a catscan to see if it is distorted, if so, facial reconstruction for that, woo.... As I think back on it, Grandma had that problem, had her face redone already, Mum has it, but hasn't been in yet, and two of the sisters, from mom's side, have it as well and haven't gone in yet. So, yah, this is genetic in my family. Wonderful. So looks like I do get to go to surgery if these meds don't kick it up really quick.

I believe this is all, if any questions, ask, I don't bite.

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