Saturday, January 26, 2013


So not much else happened during lunch yesterday, I went through the day mostly just working in Solidworks and doodling with some stuff on the art books and reading through my homework assignments for Tuesday's class. I was told I did "graduate" from Architecture last year, but just didn't pass the tests. I won't be allowed to go back to architecture to work on that until after I've finished Mechanical and then the 3D animation side of drafting. Still flusters me when all I wanted was just to come back to finish architecture and the testing and leave again. I'll hopefully be taking my basic comp. testing for CAD in the next couple weeks, along with my PDP testing for State Contest for SkillsUSA... They better hurry the hell up and tell me when that is so I can meet with my teammate and get to work on our presentation.
I was doing my utmost best not to strangle the highschool Blonde girl yesterday, she kept flirting and giggling towards one of the adult students that happens to be on a team with a couple of my classmates. He only gets to come in all day, two days a week, he finally huffed, walked out, came back, gave her a piece of paper, and walked out again. She wouldn't quit giggling. Either A, she was high as who freaking knows what, or B, he gave her a phone number, and I pray above all else it was the Loser Line.
Rick was in the car waiting, I drove us home, got him tucked in bed, and went to the library to pay off some fines so I could finally use it as a resource again. Yah so apparently they don't take cards. Oops. So goodluck to them to getting paid off.
I went back home and started cleaning, got the vacuuming done, cleaned off the counters, had everything wiped down and had gotten the clutter sorted and put away. Mum and Dad come in, first thing Dad says as I sit down for a moment to look up some emails for class "The dishwasher is clean, you need to do that." Not even a thank you at all, or how nice it looks. Mum comes in, throws everything on the counters from the car, throws her jacket on the chair and walks into her room to change. No word until I actually bring it up later, "looks good" is all I got. WTF?
They waited for Ashley and Carson to go to the game, I got to watch Liam. I drug Rick down to eat some dinner and sit with me to watch a movie so I could watch Liam and him at the same time. I cooked Tortilla Soup, it was good. Warm soup helps with any illness in my opinion.
Carson came home, they lost their game by one point, he was sad. So I let him have a cookie that I'd made earlier(any yes, they are all gone today)
Everyone went to bed, I sent Rick to his room because his coughing would have kept me up all night. It was not a pleasant night for nightmares. I had one repeat again from along time ago, but it'd changed in a few ways, the glass wall was back, Rick was walking away, but these black shadow things with claws were trying to detain me. I didn't like that. There were several other nightmares, but I blocked them out for the most part.
Morning came, woke up several times, slipped in to check Rick as usual as I'd done all night, kissed him sweetly where he barely woke up, and went back to sleep, so went down stairs.
Had a nice little chat with Mum about me possibly being bi-polar, she doesn't think it, keeps saying she and her therapist thing I'm ADHD like her, but why would I have such low points then? The swings of moods are so violent and such.
Ashley came, dropped off Liam and Carson, and took Dad to town, they were going to donate blood to be entered to see Kid Rock, ride in a limo, and a signed guitar. I was taking Carson into the multi-arts center for a sale they were having to raise funds for kids who couldn't afford the classes. I got some papers for scrap booking, even though I'll never get there, some little wooden blinds that were falling apart, but they were cute and may give me an idea later on, and the grid papercutter for scrap booking. Carson got a 3D puzzle castle, like the palace in Moscow, Russia, and a wooden heart he wants to paint for Grommy(my Mum).
We drove around OSU, I answered his questions about college, where I'd be living, what I was doing, what the point of college was, he was curious, also showed him the dorm Rick lives in, and said I'd probably be going there in the fall as well. Asked what his thoughts were about the library in my dorm room. He liked it and said he'd help.
We went to Hobby Lobby, I didn't realize the time we'd spent at the Art Center, so he didn't get to pick out anything else because he was slow, and I still needed to get ready for work.
We rushed back, I sent a message ahead to have the shower warmed up when I got there, jumped in, and showered quickly. Climbing out, drying off, blow drying my hair best I could, and applying makeup. Yes, I forgot to mention this, but my job, when I have one, is a part-time clown, an entertainer really, who clowns around, and jokes with kids and does the balloon animal stuff.
I got Rick out of bed enough to eat some citrus fruit, and get my makeup on. I'd forgotten how quickly my hair grows, so it was very hard to get into the rainbow wig. Ugh. I finally got it stuffed up, and everything on and ready to go out the door. I like being a clown, its fun and spontaneous.
The party went well, I made $25, that's including the tip, I went with a fully stocked belt of balloons, which was probably close to 100, in a variety of colors, and came back with maybe 30. Think there was around 18 kids there. The birthday girl was 9, and loved clowns, even dressed as one, I personally only popped one balloon, but that was just because the balloon had to be made such a way it was not agreeable in that air pressure of a room. I prefer warmer, slightly damper rooms than that to work with because it affects the balloons tremendously. My hands are sore and raw from pumping so many balloons and twisting and tying, I made octopus hats, rainbow hats(which I hadn't done before, major hit), guitars, an alligator that popped soon as the boy let it hit the floor, oops, swords, and flowers. It was fun. Oh! I also made a giant house out of balloons for the birthday girl, the kids were laughing when I finished it, it was squiggly, and what not, but it was funny to see. I'm glad I got some photos to put up finally on my website, something new and updated involving the parties I work at.
I went by McDonalds after that, as a tradition, and got some food, I was starving by the time I finished, and it was only an hour long. Rick and I ended up going again afterwards when I got home because he was hungry too. I used to work there, so they've seen me as a clown before. Well one of the girls was working drive-threw, I didn't recognize her voice when she spoke on the speaker, so we drove up, I turned around to give her the debit card, and she yells "OH MY GOD!" and runs to the front of the shop freaked out. I had completely forgotten she was scared to death of clowns, Tim, my old boss, and manager, came back, saw me, and collapsed to the ground laughing. He said I made his night by that. He had to go to the front window as well to give me my food because everyone in back refused to come up front to give it to us through the window. Ahh the life of a clown. I don't like people being scared of me, I'm nice, I'm not like those scary ones on the movies.
Rick and I had a bit of an argument, I went to my room and shut the door, apparently he wasn't very happy with that, so he wrote a letter and slipped it under my door, I felt sorry and silly for that, and I couldn't read his writing anyways, so I went back out to talk to him, and here I am, tapping away at the computer writing this all down.
I'm a bit sad though, besides being frustrated and pissed off again, hmmm that high didn't last long at all, that I wanted to go to the recreation center on main campus to rockwall climb tonight with the blacklights and neon stuff. Since he's sick, and I can't ask anyone else, it'd be wrong to go alone. Sometimes it really sucks not having other friends.. And no, Michael's working tonight, and no clue where Marcus is.. So guess I'm stuck at home again. Maybe another time, hmm? Or should I just give up again.

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