Monday, January 28, 2013

Ni hao...

Is it bad I really cannot remember much of yesterday? Maybe because nothing eventful happened? All I know is that I'm sore.. Oh man. My hands still hurt from working with the balloons.
I remember drawing late into the evening, Mum finally talked dad into watching Downton Abbey, they covered all of season 1 by last night, and should be watching season 2 today.
I worked on some drawings, finally learned how to use the lineart on Sai, I got really excited because that makes the lines so much easier. Yay!
Today I tried working on the email to my GirlTech coach, we're suppose to state our goal, and five obstacles in our way we have to surpass and send it back to her by the 31st, yeah, that didn't go well. I've been struggling to figure out the goal still for a few days. I can't seem to come up with something I can put down, and put stuff for. Best I've come up with is my BFA, but that's pretty much taken care of.

I do have one opinion question for someone out there.
You're suppose to look forward, and plan ahead, just like the question asked me to answer. Yet you can be scolded for looking too far forward and missing whats in front of you? Is there really a way to do that?

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