Thursday, January 31, 2013

Why hello there...

So not much else happened Monday, we had tacos for dinner. Mum went to the shops late, she planned on lasagna(blah), but she didn't want to wait until 8:30 to eat dinner, even the pre-made lasagna would have taken a long time as well, and was nearly $20. Not cool.
I got to read for a bit, fooled around with Rick.... It was a rough night, fooling around didn't go too well, I got quite sad about that because its something that I'm normally really good at.
He went to his room and coughed most the night, I couldn't sleep because of it. The storm alarm went off at 5am... then 6am. I didn't like that, apparently Mum had been pacing all night too.
Class was boring, helped someone do a political meme on photoshop. Had an automotive guy come in and ask me to edit the backgrounds of 24 photos, make them 3-4 shades lighter, and transfer all. So it went well, until my computer froze, I had to hard boot, I forgot to save to my USB drive, lost every change when I did that, I finally finished those 3 minutes before the bus came for the afternoon.
Went to campus, and went to Oregano's for pizza, Rick had his usual, I had buffalo wings, yum. They were really good. We ran to move the car, which hadn't been ticketed yet, into another spot luckily, and went to psych club. Which went well, I had to leave 30 minutes before he was done, he was rambling about different jobs for psychs to do. Sadly, he said private practice was moving out... There goes my habitability farm idea. I was really sad when he said that.
I ran to get my portfolio, it'd been an hour in the 30 minute zone, no ticket, got my stuff, and ran to give Rick the keys again, and ran for my class. He said he didn't have a ticket the half hour after that either, Yay!
Class went well, we drew boots, it was fun. We were given the criteria for the next class, we get to draw the boots which will be moved, and have to meet all the stuff written on there. It should be really fun. I hope.
Michael N. met us at the art center, he made a bit of a comment about the shadows about me never being normal, like I'd hoped for being diagnosed with at the psych's on Monday. Oh forgot to mention that all earlier. I'll talk about that later.. I nearly decked him for that, and I had to walk away and stand looking around at the lightpost to try and distract myself. I got a pretty picture. Here
We drove home that night, I was tired. Rick actually slept with me that night, slept a bit better but got spooked and he started coughing and left to go to his room.
We got up, Mum was running late again with Dad. It was cold after the rain storms yesterday. I was happy to not drive through the pouring rain. Here is one not quite the best shot, was pretty though. I didn't like not being able to see the lanes of traffic. The drivers weren't any better, had someone try to cut us off by turning into our lane, and someone was beside us, Rick did an evasive maneuver at 65mph. I couldn't help but start laughing because it was so insane and fast.
Class went alright first thing, I was late for my meeting because of miscommunication. I was incredibly bored and created This. I ended up filling it with color later on that evening, looks nice. I had so many comments asking if it was a real tattoo and it was badass. That made me smile. Lunch came and went, I worked on three drawings for Skygge. I have one last one to do before Thursday night when the deadline cuts off. It'll be tricky because it involves two characters.
I caught the bus, and sat at Union, looked up clubs trying to find out some I could join. There's an art club meeting at 6:30 Thursday evening, problem is, my class is at 6:45. I need to work on that.
Rick came, we went and visited Kristjen and Jennifer, then went to a cool little diner on campus called The Service Station. I got Alfredo Pasta, he had a ribeye and a shake. It was busy, but nice filling mood. For once, I ate mushrooms, had to steal them from his plate, but they were really really good. Odd because I normally doing like mushrooms. It was good and sauteed to where it wasn't squishy. I guess I dont like the texture of properly sauteed mushrooms. Yum, just needed a bit of good red port and it would have tasted perfect. Like my dish I need to make again.
We went to class, Ms Amy said to show up at 8 because Rick already took his Quizam, we showed up as the class was letting out, a bit worried because of that, but she filled us in on what we were to do with our Family. They were planning to do a jingle on non hormonal contraception.
We went back to Kris and Jennifer's place, I played minecraft, Rick played Red Steel on their Wii, Jennifer slept, and Kris did his homework.
We walked back to Bennett around 10ish.... and crashed quickly... after some difficult mischief.
Oi. I didn't want to get up this morning. I skipped the shower, my hair was fine. I didn't move during the night because I felt so cold, but Rick said we were burning up and removed the top blanket.
We went downstairs to eat, because I needed to restock my desk on Gatorade and Monsters. I needed lunch as well. Breakfast for me was biscuits and gravy, Rick had his usual buffalo sandwich, I stole his pickle. Mmm...
We got out to the car, it was frosted over badly. I looked at the clock. 8am. Oh crap. I was running really, really late. We hauled butt to class, Mr Frick was late as well. I got in two minutes before I would have been classed as late, he wasn't there yet either. I was happy.
At break I ran to IT to talk to digital media and pick up the pictures, got them, ran back to the break area, Mr Frick sent me BACK down there to get paper like that to possibly fixing. I was sore from running that steep long flight of stairs so many times.
Rick's here now for lunch as I'm typing this all up. I'm sorry it's taken so long to get updated. Too much going on and completely distracting me. Hopefully it'll slow down a slight bit and I can get back to writing again, eh?

See you soon!

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