Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hallo out there...

Sitting outside writing this in the cold as the fire alarms go off... Hope this is just a drill.

Yesterday continued to be a dull afternoon. Worked on drafting some sort of an essay for drafting, architecture and mechanical. Had not much else to do. My instructor's still out of town with family emergency. So no help for now with solidworks until he's back. I feel outclassed when the highschooler who started the book last week has passed me. I'm too stubborn to ask for help, but what's the point anymore when I hate this class as it is. Long as I've got a C, really doesn't matter, C still passes just like an A.
After class I went to the north side of the school to wait for the bus. Some guy from masonry was staring at me, was funny when his friend kept elbowing him to talk to me instead of gawking. Even on the bus he was too shy to speak up. I got off before he did, so he never got a name or number. "Rick will be happy," I told myself, which he was later on when I told him. So today if he tries that again, I've got a 32" roll of paper in my backpack I can use to smack him upside the head if he tries anything I'm not okay with. Gotta love the paper...
I went by the IT center, and finally got my phone fixed to get my college emails so I wouldn't keep missing them like I had been about what supplies to bring to the next class. Ah that'll  be nice. From there I walked up to Troy's to get a drawing board and see if he had any supplies I needed that I didn't have already. He ended up only having the drawing board for use. I need to remember to get that back to him end of the semester. I was surprised Troy kinda kicked me out after a few minutes. Before Rick was there to pick me up, so I waited outside for him. I should have left when I did, and would have beat him to his dorm before he'd even left. I was almost there when he called asking where I was. He was at the wrong apartment anyways so we met back at the dorm. Silly head. My hands were freezing from carrying the board that wouldn't fit in my backpack, so we went inside the shop to get some coffee. Ahhh it was nice.
After that we went to Michael N.'s apartment to pick up some stomp rockets that Rick was using to make a Nerf blaster with, I'm still not sure how he plans to do all of this but it will be interesting to see in the end. Michael was a bit of an ass, pardon my French, with Marcus about us not being there for P90X, mom had already called asking where we were. We were late for dinner I promised to make it back for in time. Oops. I got really angry with them and Just climbed back into the car and didn't say anything else to them until we were home and called Michael out on it. It's really hard to balance full time vo-tech, night classes, a demanding family, and then on top of it, demanding friends... I'm not sure if his reply was sincere or not. I haven't exactly been happy with him since.
We got home after arguing whether Rick should come back to town, study at Michael's or work out, but he said he had taxes to fill out, and wasn't feeling well either. I had projects I needed to get done and my drawing book finally had come in. We finally settled that when Rick said he wouldn't be able to eat fast enough to get back up there before he had to leave for work. So we ate dinner in a strained silence, and did our studying. My parents went to bed, so we headed up for the night, and I read a little more into my textbook I wasn't able to focus on downstairs. Rick felt sorry, so he started brushing my hair, no matter the mood I was in. I finally put my book down and turned off the lights.
A few hours later, I woke up hot, and couldn't get back to sleep. I paced and did everything I could think of, but it didn't work. My brain had decided to say "Screw you, get up." I sent Rick off to his room to sleep and I got up to study more and work on some drawings with my tablet. Nothing really good came of that. Went downstairs, and ate some cookies and had a glass of milk, let the dog outside and stood out with him, but my  mind wouldn't stop. I put the dog away and went back upstairs. Thinking and thinking, probably shouldn't have been doing that. I came up with plots and plans to fix my little dinky laptop up, the one I'm writing on now, to speed it up and fix the performance. The attic where the parts were, sadly, were above my parents room so I couldn't go out there to get them. (I ended up forgetting to grab them this morning after they'd left. whoops) I got on Skype, chatted with another artist friend from Texas who was on a nocturnal schedule and wasn't asleep either.
I went back to reading and doodling until all the alarms went off, I'd even tried dozing again, but I just couldn't. I woke Rick up to get his shower, even though he didn't want to. He came in later, said he'd had his breakfast and tried to get me to sleep a little more and to skip my shower, but I couldn't do that still. A hot shower was nice, but nothing to relax or calm me down.
I got to drive today, we were running a bit late, because I actually ate breakfast for once, I was hungry in the morning for once. I still made it in time to not be late, had 10 minutes to spare before that would have been a problem.
The morning came and went, ran across the school a few times helping someone with a project. I need to pick those photos up this afternoon before class ends.
Lunch came, I got to work on my drawings for class tonight, they're not too bad. Little shoddy, but I'm a beginner after all. Suppose to learn to make them better. The guy from the bus yesterday came and sat down at our table, I was a little anxious of that. I've got one drawing left to do, so I'll finish that up in a minute.
Hopefully the rest of this evening will go well. Psych club has free pizza tonight, so I think dinner is covered. Woo!
Lets see what else today has for my tired self....

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