Wednesday, January 16, 2013


The day progressed just as the rest, frustrating and slightly painful. Looks like my sinus infection is back in full swing. I was having alot of issues hearing out of my left ear, and could not for the life of me stand much for chewing on my left side. Felt like someone had shot me through the skull. Anyone have a good remedy for fixing this without having to cost me going to the Doc so much? I'm on my way there now as I'm typing this...

Rick met me at the college when I got off the bus, was nice not to walk alone. We went by the book store to see about a portfolio. I was sad and a bit upset because I was looking forward to having a real portfolio. But they still cost a good deal. He's talking about making one out of ducktape. It took me longer than it should have to explain why I was frustrated. Watching the students around the campus for the past few years, I always see the art students walking pridefully with their portfolios on their back and I looked forward to that. It was just a selfish and prideful moment where I was wanting to be at that stage, feel like a real artist here rather than some wannabe little girl. I still do not feel at home here. I feel naive and young compared to everyone around me, especially in Rick's Psych class, human sexuality, when I'm sitting there wondering where I stand for an education, and this being a sophomore class as well. Do I really belong with the college anyways? Especially when I can't afford it as it is. And people scorn me because I'm stubborn and won't take out a loan. I'm refraining my best from doing that in the first place.
We talked about this before his psych club. I got more and more frustrated, angry, and sad as we talked. I wasn't planning on going into his psych club, especially since that wasn't my major and I was completely out of my league there.
Oh well, the sound of free food took over that feeling. I still was shy and quiet in there. I did see one person I knew besides Rick and one of his classmates from Human Sexuality. We saw Slykerman there, someone from the Gnomes who's normally really quiet. Rick will be applying for officer position, it's too quiet and no one will speak up enough for it. He'd have a better chance than UGC's leadership positions after Whit was the first president. He reminds us of Teddy Roosevelt, little hard to go up against a man who speaks LOUDLY and always carries a big stick.
We went though the meeting quickly and quietly and Rick walked me to my next class, my drawing class. The class was frustrating, I'm used to sketching in drafting, and everything needing to be precise, the Architecture guy behind me agrees form his past experiences. We were suppose to only focus on vanishing points, like in optical illusions to make two-dimensional objects seem to be three-dimensional. I got through normal boxes fine, just stacking them up was flustering. I did alright besides proportion and my hands shaking enough to cause me to lose the angles of the perception stick and the rulers. Oh well, maybe another day.
Class ended an hour early, Rick was up visiting friends on the north side of town. So I sat outside waiting for him, Halige Shissen (sorry, I do not have the german keys on this keyboard) it was freaking cold outsides! By the time he showed up, my hair had ice crystals in it(don't ask me how because not even I know how since it wasn't wet) and my hands couldn't move. It was surprising because it was only fifteen minutes, still cold as crap though, and still cold today.
We went to Michael N's place, where Rick had been, they played video games, Marcus was studying, It was also Bryan's birthday along with Sam and Katelin(HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS!), and a new fellow I hadn't met yet, another Chris, didn't catch his last name, but he seemed nice.
We went home after a while, talked with Michael about a new interesting class about being a Dom/Sub.... Rick and I are curious, Michael was surprised because he didn't think Rick could hurt me, even in a sensual way.
We got home before curfew, and went to bed. It was a rough night, never could fully get to sleep. It made for a very very long night no matter what time I looked at the clock.
We got to class the next morning on time, even though a few minutes late.. I got into class and realized why I'd been so hesitant going to Michael's last night... I forgot to print off some papers at home since the classroom's color printer was down. The prissy little thing in class that I'd been partnered with from our instructor to get a presentation board ready for sophomore tours on Thursday, which is tomorrow.... She's procrastinated, Frick (our instructor, not kidding on the name) didn't leave us any photos, we were lucky to get those yesterday from Digital Media since my friend went to contest as a photographer last year and got a good deal of photos. It was sad, anything I did to help with the project, she completely nixed, besides the frames for the photos, I'll laugh if she got rid of those tomorrow too... I wasn't happy when she got into my bag, and started using my art Sharpies, and ended up misspelling stuff, even after I'd warned her to use pencil first to avoid that. Oh well, it was funny watching her fail so many times..
I'd tried asking Rick if I needed to ride the bus on the early route to get to campus. He didn't write back saying he was still at the plasma center until I'd already missed that bus. Oh well. I caught the bus and got dropped outside the plasma center, and here I sit now waiting for him to get out. And here he is! YAY! Food and doctor visit time!

Until I write again....

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