Friday, January 18, 2013

I'll make this sweet and simple...

I've been sicker than hell since Wednesday evening, got through that class and had to run from there to UGC, when they already voted the future meeting days without me. Screw them. I lost half my art supplies after twisting my ankle up pretty nice.... And because of that, the sinus infection got a hell of alot worse
The next morning, working with sophmores had me to the point of crying it hurt so badly. I asked Rick to get me out of there, and spent the day sleeping at the dorms, we went home later that night.
This morning I couldn't stand, I couldn't speak, and I can't hear... So no class again. Lunch I was able to hear a little bit, and we ate lunch at Schlotzkies(did I spell that right?) I've been able to vaguely hear him singing "Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes" in German. Now off to his class. I'm trying to do my best to kill off my brain to shut it up so it'll quit torturing me about some things I shouldn't be thinking about.
How is it Rick doesnt get more mad at me than he does when I keep thinking up on the past and stuff that could have been changed and people who've disowned me...
The rest of my friends from the gnomes are pretty much scratched from my book after the other night... So not really much of anyone to talk to anymore... Guess I get to post here more, huh?

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